UI/UX Design

Become a sought-after Product Designer

Learn wireframing, prototyping, micro-interactions

Program Length: 4Months / 16weeks

Location: Online/Offline

Fee: N350,000

Learn, Build, Scale!

Student Learning Group

Working in groups exposes students to diverse perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, enriching their learning experience.

Career Symposiums

Our routine career symposiums helps you easily navigate the product design industry  and supercharge your career growth!

Industry Mentorship & Support

Gain invaluable insights and assistance from seasoned professionals in your field. Unlock access to expert guidance, tailored advice, and practical tips.

Explore Our Course Curriculum

Product vs. branding

Good branding can evoke emotions and create connections with users. Product designers who understand how to leverage branding elements can create experiences that resonate with users on a deeper level, leading to increased engagement and loyalty.

Information Architecture Design & User Mapping

UX design begins with understanding the needs, behaviors, and preferences of users through various research methods such as interviews, surveys, and usability testing. This helps designers gain insights into user goals and pain points, which inform the design process.

Interface Designs & Micro-interactions

Micro-interactions play a crucial role in making interactions within interface designs feel intuitive and delightful. They contribute to the overall user experience by adding a layer of polish and refinement to the design.

Business development & mastery

Complete your training journey with the creation of a world-class solution, drawing inspiration from real-world business case studies for unparalleled success.

Tools & Technologies

Motivation & expectations

Live video streaming of class sessions for offline/virtual learning.

Skill development, career advancement, problem-solving, intellectual curiosity, and entrepreneurship.

Who should enroll?

Anyone who is curious about design thinking and want to learn how to apply it to solve complex problems and create innovative solutions.

Product managers, entrepreneurs, and startup founders who want to better understand the design process and collaborate more effectively with UI/UX designers in their teams.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our College of Product Design program is beginner-friendly; students can participate both physically and virtually in our extensive 4-month program.

The duration of our College of Product Design program spans for 4 months.

All classes are streamed live to accommodate for remote learning. Classes are also recorded inhouse for students that missed out on any day of training.

Yes, students will receive a recognized certificate of completion at the end of their study program.

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