College of Engineering

Acquire relevant skills
in No-Code Web Dev.

Set up and customize a WordPress site

Program Length: 4Months / 16weeks

Location: Online/Offline

Fee: N250,000

Learn, Build, Scale!

Student Learning Group

Working in groups exposes students to diverse perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, enriching their learning experience.

Career Symposiums

Our routine career symposiums helps you easily navigate the data analytics industry and supercharge your career growth!

Industry Experts & Support

Gain invaluable insights and assistance from seasoned professionals in your field. Unlock access to expert guidance, tailored advice, and practical tips.

Explore Our Course Curriculum

Introduction to WordPress

Explore the WordPress theme directory and how to install, activate, and customize themes to change the appearance and layout of a website.

Integrating payment and third-party services

Leverage e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce to integrate and customize checkout processes that match the requirements of a website, including configuring shipping options, tax settings, and order confirmation emails.

WordPress optimization

Use CSS media queries, flexible grids, and responsive images to create fluid and adaptive layouts that adjust based on the viewport size.

Business development & mastery

Complete your training journey with the creation of a world-class solution, drawing inspiration from real-world business case studies for unparalleled success.

Tools & Technologies

Motivation & expectations

Live video streaming of class sessions for offline/virtual learning.

Skill development, career advancement, problem-solving, intellectual curiosity, and entrepreneurship.

Who should enroll?

Anyone who is new to web development and want to create websites without diving into coding right away.

Writers, bloggers, and content creators who want to establish an online presence with a WordPress website to publish their content.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our College of Engineering program is beginner-friendly; students can participate both physically and virtually in our extensive 4-month program.

The duration of our College of Engineering study program spans for 4 months.

All classes are streamed live to accommodate for remote learning. Classes are also recorded inhouse for students that missed out on any day of training.

Yes, students will receive a recognized certificate of completion at the end of their study program.

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