College of Engineering

Become a certified
Backend Engineer

Gain an understanding in data structures and algorithms

Program Length: 4Months / 16weeks

Location: Online/Offline

Fee: N250,000

Learn, Build, Scale!

Student Learning Group

Working in groups exposes students to diverse perspectives and approaches to problem-solving, enriching their learning experience.

Career Symposiums

Our routine career symposiums helps you easily navigate the data analytics industry and supercharge your career growth!

Industry Experts & Support

Gain invaluable insights and assistance from seasoned professionals in your field. Unlock access to expert guidance, tailored advice, and practical tips.

Explore Our Course Curriculum

Setting up a server

Install Node.js. Set up a development environment with Express.js and other necessary tools like npm (Node Package Manager).

Database Management with MongoDB

Model data for real-world applications in MongoDB, including handling relationships, denormalization, and schema validation.

Database encryption

Exploring different authentication methods including password-based authentication, token-based authentication (e.g., JWT), OAuth, and OpenID Connect.

Business development & mastery

Complete your training journey with the creation of a world-class solution, drawing inspiration from real-world business case studies for unparalleled success.

Tools & Technologies

Motivation & expectations

Live video streaming of class sessions for offline/virtual learning.

Skill development, career advancement, problem-solving, intellectual curiosity, and entrepreneurship.

Who should enroll?

Anyone from non-technical backgrounds who want to transition into a career in technology.

Frontend engineers looking to expand their skill set and become full-stack developers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our College of Engineering program is beginner-friendly; students can participate both physically and virtually in our extensive 4-month program.

The duration of our College of Engineering study program spans for 4 months.

All classes are streamed live to accommodate for remote learning. Classes are also recorded inhouse for students that missed out on any day of training.

Yes, students will receive a recognized certificate of completion at the end of their study program.

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